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January 1, 2004 by goutamsivoji
The scourge of earthquakes still dictates the world despite mankind’s phenomenal success in harnessing the whims of nature.. The latest Iran tragedy proves the point beyond question. Last year it was in Bam in Iran; the year before it was in Bhuj in India and this year it could be somewhere else. The devastating tremor is almost an annual or biannual feature even in the cyber age and the whole of humanity remains a helpless spectator unable to protect life from utter annihilation

Enough ...
December 29, 2003 by goutamsivoji
Like all preceeding years, year 2003 is nearing an end. A less than couple of days more from now and we bid bye to it overwhwlmed with joy of welcoming the New Year. Year 2003 will soon be history, away from common interest, with memories both pleasant and tragic in nature.

Talking of history: yes, year 2003 will deserve a distinct place. Political upheavels, social turmoil, natural calamities and moral epidemics which occur in a year are all region specific.Quite a number of such occurance...
December 27, 2003 by goutamsivoji
The New Year is at our doorsteps. Let us usher it in, embrace it and give it a seat in our living rooms all the world over. Come on in the year 2004 and be a blessing in our lives.

What do we expect from you, 2004 ? Our expectations are simple: joy and laughter to hold the bodies together, grains and vegetables to fill the belly enough, an active brain that is inventive and a feerless mind as high as the Himalayas. Is'nt it simple really, 2004 ?

And a few things more: no war, no hat...
December 25, 2003 by goutamsivoji
Hello, Citizens of The Earth

I present myself to you all on the auspicious day Lord Jesus was born on 2003 years ago and He continues to bless the world even today, Long Live Jesus and Merry Christmas.

I hail from Calcutta, rechristened Kolkata,the great metropolis in the land of the Bengalees who thrive on intellect in the Indian subcontinent. Bengalees dwell in the state of West Bengal in India and just across a porous border in the sovereign republic of Bangladesh. And ...